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LUSH•DLX for SOLIS Magazine

​Challenge me for a brand new crispy adventure

Where Gaudi used nature forms to build his art, we use nature forms and a baroque style to build fashion, classical, strong and teeming with life. We wanted to live through a Lush feeling. Lush is about sparkling colours and personality, the feeling of facing the long­awaited spring to replace cold and dark days. Lush originates as a word to describe greenery like forests or garden and flowers. It refers to how healthy looking the greenery is. Even dressed for a less warm day you want to look lush.

Baroque can be fussy, but it’s timeless and royal. But not with a high waist and endless legs. Mix it with so­called ‘innocent’ white and a with strong high sandals that look handcrafted you become a naughty Alice in Wonderland. Give the baroque an extra bite and combine two prints. In this case more is more. Dare to mix things up like the spring likes to mix up nature. Alice can be observing but teaches us wonderful experiences if you dare and go for it. That’s what people in the seventies knew as well. And people in the seventies knew what was really cool, really nice, really lush.

To punch your look doesn't mean to create a strong, boyish style. To keep it feminine show some skin, use some pink for a romantic glow. Oversized pieces or pieces with flair create allure. Keep the styling simple as you dramatize your look up with strong make­up and dark berry lips. When you put a glow on your cheeks, you look fresh like a blossoming flower. The spring not only blossoms during the day. When it ́s dark night flowers will open up and seduce night butterflies with their perfume to join them. The all­time favourite during sex and the city nights is without a doubt the classical black dress but with a little glam rock. It keeps the butterfly style by its lace. But the sneakers are there to stay independent so you can run in case you will meet a carnivorous plant.

In denim or statement prints, it’s never been easier to punch your style. Show your strength and be a little arrogant, don’t show the spring that you were craving for it. Alice asks the White Rabbit: how long takes forever?’ The white rabbit says: sometimes forever just takes a second. A still frame. Enjoy it and use your imagination in th war against reality. You didn’t wait for the spring to come. Hey spring, did you miss me? I’m green, I’m beautiful, I’m classy, I’m timeless, I’ ́m a modern Alice in Wonderland. Fresh and Lush. Challenge me for a brand new crispy adventure.

A word from the photographer and his team:

For this editorial, we got a marvel team together to create the lush looks we wanted. Dedicated top make­up artists Lieke Wolfs made a make­up mood board to give us freshness and emphasise that sparkling mood. Not only did we want this to be lush, but it
also had to be edgy to give it that nice punch. To do this, we asked Iris Vlekke to model these looks for us. Iris is a down­to­earth girl with a strong look and with her, a nice bit of rebellion comes to the set. She really brought the outfits to life with her poses, bringing edge and punch to every image.

Of course, cream of the crop styling is essential for any editorial, So we asked stylist Whitney Telgt to piece together this springs and summer lush outfits for this shoot. As usual, she did a marvel job. It was Team­Set­Match from the start.

Published on SOLIS magazine

Model: Iris Vlekke

Make-up & Hair: Lieke Wolfs

Styling: Whitney Telgt

Editorial story: Anne-Fleur van der Heiden

Photo © 2016 Kees Penders - all rights reserved


Kees Penders - Studio DLX

Karrengas 26, Nijmegen

the Netherlands


phone: +31 6 53811578

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