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CLARITY for SOLIS Magazine

Our world is rich with options and possibilities. Sometimes to the extent where we may feel overwhelmed by it.

When we look closer, however, we can discover the patterns that make up the world around us. The waves rise and fall like the relief of the mountains. The age-indicating rings of a tree follow the same pattern of expanding circles as a teardrop hitting the surface of a lake. The veins in leaves show similarities to those in our hands, branching away from each other like a river branches into a delta.

Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by lines. Lines on a zebra's fur, lines on a football field, lines of a design on a piece of clothing, lines that sphere a pregnant belly. Lines to indicate the separation between our naked skin and our clothes. Naked skin you can hide by putting on your turtleneck. The lines of coathangers follow the lines of our shoulders. The shoulders you move with, make abstract lines with. With excisting lines we create our own unique slihoutte, simple and clear.


We simplify our lives by labeling the things we see around us either 'black' or 'white'. Sometimes the way to see a brighter future is by keeping the light off distance. By wearing sunglasses, that protect our eyes from bright sunbeams curved like our lashes. And even though the way the horizon looks can change by how we view it, even the horizon will always follow the same line and pattern.


The game of lines and patterns is not a difficult one. If we see our way through the chaos, if we listen through the noise. If we leave the unnecessary out of our perspective, it will be clear where one line begins and where the other ends.

Published on SOLIS magazine

Model: Anne Elpers

(Innocence | M4 | Montage)

Make-up & Hair: Suzanne Hendrikx

Styling: Michelle Phaf

Editorial story: Anne-Fleur van der Heiden

Photo © 2016 Kees Penders - all rights reserved


Kees Penders - Studio DLX

Karrengas 26, Nijmegen

the Netherlands


phone: +31 6 53811578

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